HR Director - Bioscience

I would like to address my sincere thanks and appreciation to Sharon Cox and the work she has done to bring our Lead Clinical Research Associate search to a close by selecting many suitable candidates for us to hire.  This search was last minute, geographically constrained and required top talent to help us execute.  The timing was such that we needed a person starting by December 31,2020.  Sharon’s candidates were prepared, had researched Caladrius and knew how to articulate what they were looking for in a new role.  Sharon’s candidates had meticulous resumes and CV’s and came with a profile that she put together covering the candidate’s salary expectation, reason for interest in Caladrius and overview of key career highlights.

Sharon is talented, quick to pick up organizational nuances, easy to work with and knew how and when to intervene to make me aware of something or to relay a communication to a candidate.  I have not worked with such a high caliber individual as Sharon Cox in a very long time.  I look forward to her continued relationship with Caladrius.